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"I have known Earl Ellis for many years as a close friend and advisor.

Earl’s insightful intellectual approach to problems and issues is always straight forward, no nonsense, and honest.

He has a strong moral compass and is trustworthy. More importantly, Earl is compassionate and understanding of people.

I like to think of Earl Ellis as a modern day Atticus Finch."

-Mitchell Cohen President


"THANK YOU for enabling escrows to close and for keeping people from the unhappy turmoil that litigation brings both "winners" and "losers"! I just have to shake my head when I think of how tough deals are these days. So really, I cannot thank you enough. I hope that you will be able to keep navigating waters I cannot tread and places I cannot (and don't want to!) go... for a long time to come!"

-Successful Residential Real Estate Agent


"This is one of the most difficult testimonials I have written. Not because there is not enough to say. It is because there is so much to say!

Working with Mr. Ellis over the past few years has given me the opportunity to observe not only his high level of legal expertise but his honesty, integrity, pragmatism and compassion as well.

As a former paralegal who has worked with hundreds of attorneys over the years, D. Earl Eliis is without a doubt one of the most talented, skilled and experienced attorneys that I have had to pleasure to meet and interface with.

He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and I feel completely secure in the extraordinary legal service that he has provided to me.

He has my complete trust on any legal matter that I would assign to him. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends, family members or colleagues. "

-Business Consultant