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Image Mediation

Voluntary Procedure. Mediation is a voluntary process for parties to resolve a legal or inter-personal disagreement with the support of a Mediator. Mediation is confidential. The Mediator will not disclose what any party tells the Mediator to withhold from the other party. The Mediator is an impartial facilitator in the process, which includes:

Discussions. The Mediator’s role is to meet with the parties and facilitate their communications, understanding, and potential settlement. The Mediator meets alternately with each party as well as in joint discussion groups when practical.

Understanding. The Mediator listens to each person and asks questions to develop a full awareness of each person’s story, feelings, and goals.

Voluntary Settlement. The Mediator has no authority to make a decision or force a settlement. The Mediator’s objective is to guide and encourage the parties to agree to their own resolution.

Advantages. Mediation offers many advantages, including:

  • A resolution the parties consent to, rather than one that a judge or jury imposes on them;
  • Opportunity to construct a settlement that creates benefits unavailable in a courtroom;
  • Right to agree on a process to choose the Mediator;
  • Potentially lower cost and earlier resolution than in litigation;
  • Opportunity to understand and be understood;
  • Potential reduction in unpleasantness, which is very important for parties who may have continuing relationships; and
  • Privacy and confidentiality rather than the public courthouse.